Gateway To Jazz Kissa Vol.3 English Version
Gateway To Jazz Kissa Vol.3 English Version
Gateway To Jazz Kissa Vol.3 English Version

Gateway To Jazz Kissa Vol.3 English Version

Jazz City
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Gateway To Jazz Kissa Vol.3 English Version

Editing and production: JAZZ CITY

Publisher: JAZZ CITY

Published: November 7, 2023

ISBN: 984-4-9910492-9-3 C0073

Appearance: Modified A4 size (W210mm×H278mm) saddle stitched number of colors / full color

Cover / matte coated paper 180 kg, PP processing

Body / matte coated paper 90 kg

Total number of pages: 68 pages

Jazz kissa are going out of business at an accelerating pace due to the aging of the owners and the deterioration of the shops. On the other hand, the number of jazz kissa that are making a fresh start is gradually increasing, with relatives and regular customers taking over for the owners or renovating their stores. It is certain that the number of jazz kissa will continue to decline, but it is not certain that they will become extinct. In this Gateway To Jazz Kissa Vol.3, we introduce 6 jazz kissa, including one that has been restarted by regular customers after the closure of a long-established café, another that has taken over a famous machine from a closed café and is now performing anew, and another that has recovered from a major disaster.

This issue is also a charity project limited to 2,000 copies, with 500 yen from the sale of each copy donated to support Coffee House Gojitoma, which has been revived after being completely submerged by the torrential rains in western Japan.


Coffee House Gojitoma  Kurashiki,Okayama  10Pages

Cover Story: After its establishment in 1980, the jazz kissa was a longtime local favorite for coffee and jazz, but the torrential rains in western Japan in July 2018 flooded the first floor of the shop to the ceiling, destroying all audio equipment and records, forcing the shop to close. However, encouraged by the strong local and national support for its revival, it was reopened the following May 2019. This is the history of "Coffee House Gojitoma" and its story of revival after the extremely difficult post-disaster period.

Jazz Time Johnny  Rikuzentakata,Iwate 10Pages

After everything was washed away by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, "Jazz Time Johnny" was revived as Japan's only jazz kissa in a temporary storefront with the support of many people from all over Japan. Later in 2021, they opened a new store in the central commercial district of Rikuzentakata City. We reported on the difficult path after the disaster in the Gateway To Jazz Kissa Vol.1, and in this issue we report on the "New Johnny”.

Player’s BAR R  Sendagi,Tokyo  10Pages

In May 2022, "Charmant," the oldest existing jazz kissa in Tokyo at the time, closed due to redevelopment of the area and the aging of the building. However, a group of volunteers who had been hoping to keep the cafe alive opened a new cafe in Sendagi, a neighborhood near Charmant, which took over some of the cafe's audio equipment and vinyl records. The following is a story of trial and error by the three co-owners, all of whom had never managed a jazz kissa before.

JazzCoffee  M&M   Kobe, Hyogo  10Pages

M&M opened in 1997 near Chouanmon Gate in Nankinmachi, Kobe's Chinatown, and after the founding owner passed away in 2008, the current owner, who was a regular at the time, quit his job at the company at the young age of 30 to take over the jazz kissa. The story of this store, which has survived the 2010s, when jazz kissa were in their lowest ebb, and the Covid 19 disaster, is introduced here.

Good Bait  Chiryu, Aichi  10Pages

Founded in 1974, the shop boasts over 60,000 records and is said to have the largest collection of Eric Dolphy records in Japan, but the founding owner passed away due to illness in 2021. ``Good Bait'' was thought by those around it to be only possible because of the owner, but the owner's wife and his daughter have taken over and are still running the store. We'll introduce you to the charm of this popular shop, which sometimes has a line outside.

Paragonian  Tagajo, Miyagi  10Pages

The name was coined by the owner based on JBL's top-of-the-line "Paragon" speakers. In the spring of 2022, "Half Note" in Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture, which was rated as one of the best in Japan among jazz kissa that play JBL Paragon, closed due to the death of the owner. The owner of "Paragonian" took over the Half Note’s Paragon and opened it in the fall of 2022 with the idea of using two units with another JBL masterpiece speaker, the "EVEREST.we interviewed the owner immediately after its opening, and will introduce the background of why he decided to create such a super high-end audio store, as well as his thoughts on betting the rest of his life on a jazz kissa.